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Fifty Planners and One Cabbage Rose Linen!

11 Dec

50 states 50 planners pic

Imagine our surprise when surfing online we recently came across a gorgeous picture of our Cabbage Rose linen in an October, 2012 article by The Daily Meal. The article celebrates 50 planners across the United States – Alabama to Wyoming. And with further reading we discovered we’d worked with two of the highlighted planners:  Christopher Confero (Alabama) and Susan Graham (Georgia)! {we adore them both!}

We were absolutely thrilled that the opening photograph for the article slideshow was a Christopher Confero event we had the pleasure of working on. {how lucky they started with A (Alabama), right?!} Our lovely Cabbage Rose linen is set perfectly pretty against the backdrop of the Biltmore Ballrooms, Atlanta. This event was cast with a perfect planner and a gorgeous venue…what more could an I Do Linens linen ask for!

Excerpt from article:

But there are some people who deal with partying brilliantly — event planners. These professionals are party curators, they’re fierce, and they’re a calm presence when they need to be. They get the job done and successfully set the scene, one cocktail, hors d’oeuvre, or bash at a time. 

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New Direction ~ New Design!

4 Dec

Designer Draft

It’s safe to say that it’s been some time since we last posted on the I Do Linen‘s blog. After starting our original blog concept we begin to feel that we were lacking something. After taking a breather to re-evaluate we identified what was missing…our PASSION for design!

So with renewed spirit we’re ready to go at this again – we present to you our “Designers Journal”! We hope that you will follow along as our online journal of sorts takes flight. We’ll be sharing our milestones, our projects and just about anything and everything that Tamara Gollob (I Do Linens Owner and fearless designer) finds inspiring in the world of couture linens, fabrics, fashion and special events.

With much enthusiasm, happy reading!